Dengue immune evasion project

Project Title

Evasion of mosquito immune responses by dengue virus and other mosquito-borne viruses


University of Surrey (UK)


Mosquito-borne viruses have to complete a complex life cycle within their mosquito vectors for transmission to humans to occur. There are many barriers to transmission that these viruses have to overcome within the mosquito, one of which is the insect’s immune system. We are studying the molecular mechanisms by which mosquito-borne viruses escape clearance by the immune system of the globally important vector mosquito Aedes aegypti. Ultimately our research will help us understand how mosquito-borne viruses adapt to transmission by Ae. aegypti, which is a highly human-associated globally-distributed tropical mosquito species that transmits many of the most important emerging mosquito-borne viruses, including chikungunya virus, dengue virus, yellow fever virus and Zika virus. This information could eventually help us to better predict which viruses will emerge to become global public health problems of the future, and may also help us to develop new ways of preventing disease transmission.

NTD Hub Members

Dr. Kevin Maringer

Ms. Louisa Wallace