Dr. Barbara Engel



Research Interests

Grants Obtained

FSA (2008): Awarded grant (N05R0018) £240,000Development of a dose-responsive biological marker for carbohydrate intake based on metabolomics and machine learning.Dr J Lodge, Prof G Frost, Prof J Draper, Dr B Engel, Dr M Beckman

British Renal Society (2007): £22,500A multi-centre trial to assess whether increased dietary fibre intake reduces laxative requirement in PD patients. This project has obtained Portfolio status.D Sutton, B Engel, R Davies, D Kariyawasam, S Perry, S Kennedy

Kings Fund Grant (1996) for pilot project ‘Setting up a diet and exercise programme for Renal Transplant Patients’: £5000

Royal London Hospital Research and Development (1997-1999): £20,000 to continue work on ‘Diet and exercise programme for Renal Transplant Patients’

  • Renal disease (MSc project supervisor; development and evaluation of dietary information for renal patients from different ethnic groups)
  • Liver disease (MSc project supervisor; evaluation of Nutrition Assessment Score for patients with liver disease)
  • Measuring and monitoring nutritional status in chronically ill people: renal disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes
  • Designing intervention trails in order to develop guidelines of best practice for dietitians
  • Public health: I have supervised final year projects promoting healthy eating in Transplant patients, nursery and primary schools
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and the effects of pre and probiotics on bowel health

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